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2 июня 2018
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Electrical Substation Supervisor (Commission and Precom)

опыт работы от 3 лет, полная занятость
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1. Check of correctness of performance by contractors of works on pre-commission of the power equipment according to the coordinated standards, including recommendations of the Supplier, and functional requirements. 2. Readiness check of electrical installations testing and participation in acceptance tests of electrical installations up to 10 kV; 3. Guidance on commissioning and testing of step-up and step-down substations, substations with deep input transformer substations, traction substations, in line with the established procedures and good industry practices 4. Verification of test reports, diagrams and technical reports. Formation of the necessary reporting on the results of service and pre-commission companies 5. Check of correctness of registration of Executive documentation for compliance of actually performed works and design documentation with the subsequent signing of Executive documents along with the Customer's representative in part of the erection and commissioning works of electrical installations (acts, journals, Executive schemes). 6. Organization of accounting and analysis of the causes of malfunctions, failures of power equipment. 7. Ensuring performance of works according to the approved calendar plan. 8. Participation in work and receiving commissions. 9. Implementation of technical support of specialists of supervision and services of the Customer in the direction of activity. 10. Daily, weekly and monthly progress reports on the line of business. 11. Reporting to Superintendent. 12. Participation in acceptance of works performed by contractors and signing of acts on behalf of the customer.


1. Higher electrotechnical education 2. Availability of access to electrical safety - V groups; 3. Experience conducting tests and measurements of electric equipment and units with voltage up to 10 kV; 4. Experience in commissioning of electrical equipment for more than 3 years 5. Knowledge of regulations, orders, methodical and normative materials concerning the organization of commissioning 6. The ability to use electrical measuring devices 7. The ability to read single-line and wiring diagrams, as well as to understand the individual and complete layout of electrical equipment 8. Experience with digital electrical substations 9. Knowledge of special computer programs 10. Additional training courses 11. Knowledge of English – upper-intermediate (international team)
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  • • Английский язык (разговорный)


1. Project - ZapSib2, Tobolsk 2. Official employment, temporary contract (for the period of project), guarantees according to Labor Code 3. Shuttle bus at Site 4. Accommodation for non-residents is provided 5. VMI

Вакансия в архиве
№ 30919088
2 июня 2018




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